4 Easy Fundraising Ideas for Baseball Teams 

Team sports are great for an endless amount of reasons. They teach your children cooperation and teamwork skills, leadership skills, social interaction skills, and help to create long lasting friendships and relationships. Additionally, they have to learn to be resourceful when fundraising season comes around. To make it easier on yourself and your ball-player, here are 4 easy fundraising ideas for baseball teams.

Customized Elite Socks: No matter how old, kids seem to love Elite Socks. Aside from looking cool, they also are very durable and can be worn for both competing and relaxing. Use a website like Elite Sport Socks to order customized socks in bulk that have your school’s logo on them. Since it’s not just specific to the baseball team, you can sell them throughout the school and to other sports teams. This is a fundraiser you’ll need a bit of seed money for to start, but the socks will sell out quickly and be a great school-spirit accessory.

Team “Work” Outing: This is a great option for high-school aged teams. Dedicate a few Sundays to selling your team members services to the community. For example, have the team offer services like: lawn-mowing, weed-pulling, raking, planting, pool-cleaning, garage emptying, etc! Each person buying a service can pay a flat rate to be donated to the teams’ fundraiser and the team members get an opportunity to bond by making a positive change in the community. Plus, there’s no money you have to pay in so all profits are 100% for the team.

Restaurant Night: If you have a restaurant that’s notorious for being a gathering place in your community, this option has a lot of potential. Partner with a local restaurant and negotiate a set amount of a day’s proceeds to go to your fundraiser. Promote the event and encourage friends and family members to come out and enjoy a meal. This is a great option for bringing in those who don’t have a lot of expendable income- they’re donating to your team by paying a price they’d already pay anyways!

Neighborhood Grill-Out: If you live in a tight-knit neighborhood and you want to be able to tie in fundraising with community building, there’s no better way than a neighborhood grill-out. Buy ingredients in bulk (hot dogs, burgers, chips, sodas, paper plates, etc) and have parents volunteer in shifts to sell the food. You can do this during/after the team’s game since there will already be potential customers, or you can take it one step further by planning it during a weekend-day. Host the grill-out at a park, community center, or someone’s backyard and provide fun games for kids to be entertained while adults are eating. This can be marketed ahead of time to bring in outside members, and is another great way for your team to make a positive impact on your community.

Baseball is a classic game that brings people together. Instead of selling your typical fundraising items, use these ideas to create change and camaraderie between your baseball team and your community. To further assist in raising money, consider an online platform like ShoppingGives. ShoppingGives turns everyday shopping into fundraising by donating a portion of online purchases to a fundraiser of your choice. Here’s more on how it works and here’s a comprehensive list of all the places you can shop with. Happy fundraising!