5 Successful Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

If you’re a nonprofit, you know the importance of intentional spending. The money you handle is going towards positive change and materialistic spending is not necessarily in your wheelhouse. When you do spend money on fundraising efforts, they have to be intentional and purposeful. Every nonprofit is unique and requires different strategies to meet their goals. No matter what your needs are, this article will help you find the best nonprofit fundraising idea that’s right for you

Charity Auction: As a nonprofit, you have an upper-hand when it comes to seeking material donations. Gift baskets, trips/getaways, spa services, the list is non-exhaustive. Use these donations to run an auction in your community, and highlight larger-ticketed items when you promote the event. 

5k Walk/Run: A 5k run/walk appeals to fitness enthusiasts, scenic walkers, and everyone in between. It’s a great way to get schools or business members involved to encourage team bonding. Race participants can also take pledges from their networks to further raise money for your cause. Here’s a comprehensive article breaking down everything you need to know about hosting your first 5k.

Trivia Night: Through a myriad of websites and apps, trivia has managed to become one of the most fun ways for people to connect and compete with each other in 2018. Host a trivia night that aligns with your nonprofit (think themes!), and promote it accordingly. 

Games Tournament: Obtain permission from a local public park to host a games tournament. This can include kickball, softball, basketball, whatever. Leverage this to encourage companies to register as teams, and host a tournament for friendly competition. Charge for admission and a spot in the tournament, and then sell food for additional revenue. This is a great way to make your nonprofit’s presence apparent in your community.

Craft Sale: If you’re looking for a great way for your nonprofit to network with small businesses and entrepreneurs, this is it. Crafters/business owners can agree to sell their products and donate a negotiated amount to your nonprofit, while still making a profit themselves. This also gives craft enthusiasts and individual entities a chance to invite their networks to come shop and support local business. 

These nonprofit fundraising ideas might take a few extra hands to put on, but will be immensely helpful in spreading awareness for your nonprofit and creating a fantastic experience for donors and community members alike.

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