We Exist to Create Impact on Every Purchase.

We do this by bringing together retailers, customers, and nonprofits to create life-changing social impact, all through everyday shopping.

Our Mission

ShoppingGives exists to create social impact with every purchase, having built a community of retailers and nonprofits that give back to one another through their customers and supporters. The community is created through two unique technologies: an intuitive online fundraising marketplace and our newest technology, Change Commerce.

Change Commerce is an industry-disrupting, fully-integrated digital solution, creating an exchange between retailers and nonprofits, driven by the consumer as the catalyst.  Change Commerce builds customer loyalty and trust through personalized charitable giving, and retailers are able to integrate it directly into their checkout process, creating a giving moment with every purchase.

Change Commerce also creates differentiated value for new incremental customers that are both high-intent and highly engaged shoppers, allowing them to turn the retailer’s giving into a personal experience. From their local PTA to their favorite national cause, each and every shopper can choose which organization will benefit from their purchases, allowing the retailer to build a more genuine relationship with their customers. That customer is, in turn, enabled to continue to use the ShoppingGives platform to track their giving across Change Commerce retailers and further support the causes they care about most.

Our fundraising marketplace that lives on ShoppingGives.com offers a free space for shoppers, stores, and fundraisers to connect.  Our community engagement team works directly with nonprofits, teachers, parents, coaches, everyone and anyone looking to raise money for a cause that is important to them. By creating their fundraiser through ShoppingGives, these groups enable their supporters to give up to 40% back every time they shop at over 750 popular stores.

Shoppers give back while saving by having access to top deals and coupons from their favorite stores. Users can choose to support a portfolio, a cause, or fundraiser, to receive their cash back donation every time they shop. A portfolio is a group of nonprofits that share similar values and create a similar impact. Supporting the Green Mission will allocate your cash back donation to nonprofits who focus on the environment in all different ways. Shoppers can track their total impact through their supporter dashboard combining purchases through the ShoppingGives Marketplace and across Change Commerce retailers.

As ShoppingGives continues to grow and evolve, we are excited to create life-changing social impact, through everyday shopping.

In 2015, ShoppingGives was formed around the idea that finding the best products at the best prices could be made simpler and building a company culture around ownership and innovation would lead to an unstoppable team.

Our Backstory

We started to build ShoppingGives as we were looking for a way to make a difference. Our early ambitions were to make an impact where we could, even if they were small. As we built early iterations, we quickly realized the passion we had around giving back to our communities and the excitement that existed in the market for our product.

Since going live with early iterations of ShoppingGives, we’ve been able to make a difference with organizations near home as well as across the country. We are proud to bring our partner stores the ability to give back to organizations of all sizes and drive their missions. We are excited for 2018 and the products to further our mission of creating impact with every purchase.

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