How to Compete with Amazon

The landscape of online retail has been completely transformed by Amazon (and that’s not a hyperbolic statement). In 2018 alone, the company brought in $232 billion in revenue, a 30% increase from…

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How to Integrate Cause Marketing for Your Brand

Corporate social responsibility, or CSR, has become increasingly popular as consumers start to take notice at how companies interact with and impact society. The use of social media has really helped…

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The New Business Essentials: Community, Culture & Giving Back

On this episode of The Impact Exchange we have special guest Nathan Decker, Director of Ecommerce at evo. The foundation of evo is built on “Community, Culture & Giving Back”, which is why we are so…

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ShoppingGives Partners with PayPal Giving Fund

We are excited to announce our newest partnership with PayPal Giving Fund! Through this it will be even easier for nonprofit organizations to receive donations from retailers. This partnership is…

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Giving Back for Back to School

It’s that time of year again: teachers are prepping their classrooms and parents are frantically searching and shopping for the essentials needed to send their kiddos back to school this fall.

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How a 40-Year–Old Brand is Competing in a Millennial’s World

As Kevin Costner in Angels in the Outfield once said, “If you build it, they will come.” He may have been referring to baseball, but the saying is also relevant when it comes to brands. “It” being trust, and “They” being customers. Specifically, the best customers to attract and retain are the…

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Giving Back is Good for Your Bottom Line

Brand loyalty is crucial for brands who want to survive in the never-ending sea of options. As e-commerce expands, it can be difficult to set yourself apart from competition and the vast landscape of the online shopping experience. With similar products flooding the market, how do you differentiate…

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Impact Breakfast Recap, Takeaways and Tips

Last week in bustling Brooklyn, NY we had the honor of bringing together an amazing group of thought leaders and industry influencers that are truly investing in corporate social responsibility. Whether you were able to attend, or had to sit this one out, we wanted to share with you the insights we…

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