Help your supporters turn their holiday shopping into fundraising!

To help you make the most of the upcoming prime holiday shopping season, we’ve put together three easy steps to help you increase your holiday fundraising!

1. Invite your team

Our campaigns with teams earn approximately 5x more than those without.

2. Set up direct donations

Help your supporters with another way to give!

Sign in to your campaign manager today to add team members – under the Team tab – and set up direct donations – under the Financial tab.

3. Share your campaign on social media

Share your campaign link on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the holiday graphics provided here.

These three steps are sure to make an impact as you help your supporters turn their holiday shopping into fundraising. By adding team members to build your network, giving your supporters more options through direct donation, and spreading the word through social media, you will be surprised at how easy you’ve made it for your supporters to get involved!

Haven’t created a holiday fundraiser yet?  Click here to get started in less than 15 minutes!