How does Change Commerce® empower customers to create impact?

How does Change Commerce® work?

Change Commerce® partners with your favorite retailers who want to donate a minimum of 1% of their sales to the charities you support. At checkout, you will be prompted to select a charity to receive a donation from your eligible purchases; you don’t pay any extra, and the retailer makes the donation, powered by ShoppingGives.

With Change Commerce® you can feel confident that every time you buy from your favorite stores, you are truly making a positive social impact.

What do I need to do to donate?

All you need to do to donate is buy from our partner retailers online. Each time you checkout, you will be presented with a search tool to find the charity you would like to benefit from your purchase. A minimum of 1% of your purchase (before tax) goes to the charity of your choosing, and you don’t pay any extra!

Can I donate to any charity I want?

Yes! As long as the charity is a registered 501c3 nonprofit and in good standing with the IRS, you can donate to them. In addition, we work with our Change Commerce® retail partners to help curate a featured list of charities that align with the vision of the company, so that you are always able to easily support causes that make big impacts.

Can I track how much I’ve donated?

Yes. Sign up with ShoppingGives here to track all of the contributions retailers have made based on your purchases through one single account.

How can I create a ShoppingGives account?

You can create a ShoppingGives account by signing up with your contact information here.

What are the benefits of using Change Commerce®?

The Change Commerce® program lets shoppers buy the everyday items they need while allowing them to support causes they care about.

Can I create my own fundraiser for a new cause?

Creating a Fundraiser for a cause is free and easy, and anyone can build one in under 15 minutes!  Get started by visiting ShoppingGives here and choosing ‘Start a Fundraiser’. All you need to do is fill out the form, upload a photo, video, or story and set a goal to start your fundraiser!

Can I shop at any retailer?

While Change Commerce® is currently launched on a select handful of trusted retailers, ShoppingGives also offers our open shopping experience that allows you to shop from over 750 stores and donate back to one of our fundraising nonprofits. You’ll also have access to thousands of popular coupons and deals to help you save while you give back!  Click here to shop.

Does this work at retailer’s physical store locations?

Right now, the Change Commerce® platform is only available for participating retailers online websites.

What do I do if I don’t see my question listed here?

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