Easy Fundraising for Sports Teams

Traveling basketball tournaments, indoor softball leagues, all-city dance competitions. The expenses add up, and its time to start fundraising.  You have coupon books, wrapping paper, and an entire other slew of random cataloged items being thrown at you from your all-star.

You’re preparing yourself for the conversation between you and your coworkers where you kindly ask (beg) them to thumb through the pages so that you can help your son and the rest of his football team go to the big combine.

Then you ask yourself, “Is this really the only way to do this? There has to be something better than selling tubs of frozen cookie-dough every year. Is there a better way of fundraising for sports teams?”

To put it simply, there is! We’re going to share with you five steps to make fundraising easier for your sports team (and you).

  • Set a clear and concise goal: When your team is making a fundraiser, be explicitly clear on how much money you’d like to raise and where it will be going. Decide whether you’re working within a specific time frame or if your fundraiser will be ongoing. Setting goals with deadlines can sometimes slip your mind. Having an app is a great way to keep track so those goals are met. The free app “Monday” allows you to set goals and keep track of them, click here to download. The more that contributors know and understand about your fundraiser, the more likely they’ll be inclined to donate.
  • Utilize social media to share and promote the fundraiser: In this day and age, it’s almost silly to not use social media to your advantage. Parents, coaches, team members (if age permits) can all share the fundraisers to their own networks. If your team doesn’t have its own social media pages, create some and use those to share more information about the fundraiser. If you are new to social media and need some tips and tricks, click here.
  • Create a fun and competitive contest: Team sports can be tricky. Some families will be heavily involved in fundraising, and some will take a little more time to push those catalogs. Facilitate a healthy competition by creating rewards and incentives for team members who raise the most money.
  • Make events easy by incorporating them with what’s already happening: Sometimes it can be overwhelming to consider taking on the task of hosting that big movie night or casino fundraiser. If you have the time, fantastic! But if you’re looking for ways to raise money without all the party planning, you’ll have to do some intuitive thinking. Team up with other parents and host a bake sale at the next big baseball game. Run a 50/50 raffle at your daughter’s swim meet. Sell flowers during mother’s day and pumpkin cookies over Halloween. Combine current events and holidays with places you already have to be, and you have a foolproof and quick fundraising idea.
  • Look into online fundraising: Perhaps you have some extended friends/family that you know would want to donate but aren’t around to physically get involved. If online fundraising is right for your teams’ network, it can be a great way to have consistently safe and reliable donations.

If you’re looking for a way to accomplish all these things, ShoppingGives can help you raise money by turning everyday shopping into fundraising. Click here to learn more about how it works, and head over here if you’d like to see all the stores you can shop with.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be stressful. You can make it pain-free (and maybe even fun!) by utilizing these five steps. Create a fundraiser here with ShoppingGives today to get started.