Marketing your fundraiser is a key way to ensure its success!

Click on the graphic you wish to use, and it will open in a new window. On a computer, right-click the image in the new window and select “Save Image As” to download the graphic. On mobile, look for the “Save Image” option for your specific device.

Fundraising Graphics and Guides

2018 Social Media Marketing Guide
Team Member Start Guide
ShoppingGives Fundraising Overview

Holiday Graphics

Spread the word about your fundraiser so that your supporters can turn their holiday shopping into giving!

Holiday Graphic 1

Holiday Graphic 2

Holiday Graphic 3

Holiday Graphic 4

Holiday Graphic 5

Holiday Graphic 6: Black Friday

Holiday Graphic 7: Cyber Monday

Holiday Graphic 8

Holiday Graphic 9

Holiday Graphic 10

Holiday Thank You Email Banner

Get your supporters to engage after they give. Add this to the footer of donation thank you emails.

Email, Newsletter, and Website Banner

Include one of these banners in your emails, newsletters, and on your website to make it easy for your supporters to shop and give back through your fundraiser.

Thank You Email Banner

Get your supporters to engage after they give. Add this to the footer of donation thank you emails.

2018 Holiday and Event Graphics

Back to School: Student

Back to School Laptops

Back to School: Classroom

Shop Top Gifts for Dad

Give Gifts that Give Back

Shop Top Gifts for Mom

Save with (Offer now expired)

Shop for Valentine's Graphic

30% off select TVs from Best Buy (Offer now expired)

Save on Grills from Target (Offer Now Expired)

Free Shipping on Jerseys from NFL Shop (Offer Now Expired)

Free Shipping on Gear From Fanatics (Offer Now Expired)

Get Fit and Give Back With Daily Burn

Use Code SG160 to Save $160 at Eight Sleep (Offer now expired)

Save 40% with Blue Apron (Offer Now Expired)

Partnership Badges

Add these to your website an link them to your campaign to help your supporters shop, save, and give.

Shop, Save, Give Badge

Proud Partner Logo Color

Proud Partner Logo B&W

Introductory Graphics and Guide

We've put together some guides, tips, and graphic to help you launch your campaign with a bang!

Marketing Plans

Week 1

Shop and Donate

Week 1

Marketing Plan

Week 2

Marketing Plan

Week 3

Past Seasonal Graphics

Browse through our past seasonal and holiday graphics for inspiration or to support a particular event your organization may be having.

Scary Deals 2


Scary Deals 1


Fall Favorites 2

Fall Sales

Fall Favorites 3

Fall Sale

Fall Favorites 1

Fall Sales

Labor Day Sale 1

Labor Day

Labor Day Sale 2

Labor Day

Everything For Dad

Father's Day

Class of 2017


We Love Moms

Mother's Day

Lucky You

St.Patrick's Day