When it comes to shopping, it’s pretty universal that everyone wants a great experience. Imagine browsing hundreds of stores simultaneously, no crowds or pushy sales people, and with access to multiple coupons and sales right at your fingertips.

Sounds pretty great, right?  Welcome to online shopping.

And what if every time you bought something, money immediately went back to your favorite nonprofit, team, teacher, or organization? That’s how Shopping.Gives works. We’re partnered with over 700 of your favorite brands – and many of them, like Target, Best Buy, and Nordstrom, are now offering in-store pickup. Now you can buy your favorite things, have them the same day, while giving back to your favorite causes!

Need a few more reasons to try in-store pickup?  We’ve got you covered:

No shipping cost! Yep, you read that correctly. By picking up your items in store, you avoid those hasty extra fees to ship your item to your house. You’d be surprised at how much money you save by skipping the shipping cost and how less anxious you get for waiting for your purchase to arrive.

“Now you can buy your favorite things, have them the same day, while giving back to your favorite causes! ”

Unnecessary spending? Forget about it. If you have a little… you know…  *whispers* shopping problem and want to get it under control, then this option will really help. Shopping online and picking up items in the store, aides you to buy exactly what you need without buying unnecessary things therefore avoiding buyer’s remorse. See, you’re getting better already!

Get your items on your time. When you’re in a rush to have something right then and there, picking up your items at the store is ready to save the day. Most companies will have your purchase ready in a matter of minutes! Or, if you’re not in a rush to pick them up but just wanted to secure your things, you can also pick up your purchase when it’s convenient for you.

Compare deals and find lower prices. Never feel rushed to make a purchase again! Now that you’ve discovered this option to pick up your items in the store, take time to compare any other sale prices you’ve came across from other companies and see where you can get more of a bang for your buck. Plus, by shopping with Shopping Gives, we let you know of any sales our merchants are currently having. So not only will you help contribute to a fundraiser, but you can save money as well. Sounds like a win-win!

Next time you’re online shopping, give in-store pickup a try. You won’t regret it!

Love online shopping? Check out our How It Works page to see how you can give back every time you shop.